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Wood privacy fence with steel VersaPosts. When it comes to a classic fence nothing beats the look of wood. Wood fences come in privacy, picket and rail. Wood fences are usually built using rot resistant cedar although redwood, pine and hem/fir are also popular options. A wood fence can be treated to retain the original look or it can be left to turn a natural gray. Be sure to visit our Fence Gallery to see all of the different styles of wood fence that we sell and install.

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood is an economical choice for privacy fencing. The pickets are usually 6-8" wide and come in 4.5,6 and 8' heights. The most common style of privacy fence is dog-eared. A dog-ear fence makes it easier to get the look of a straight line along the top. Some people like to have a flat-top fence. Although this style make take a little more effort to get the top even it is also very popular. Vertical pickets can be installed in a shadow-box style which is commonly known as a "good-neighbor" fence. When installing the pickets vertically the fence can also have a picture frame look. Another option is to run the pickets horizontally. This can be done in rough, smooth or basket-weave styles. The posts for a wood privacy fence can be cedar, treated wood or steel. For steel posts we offer the typical 2 3/8" as well as the PostMaster.

Wood Picket Fence

Wood picket fences are an attractive way to define a boundary. More often than not a 4" wide picket is used. The pickets are usually 4' or 6' high. The spacing between the boards is variable. With a picket fence the boards are usually dog-eared. Just as in privacy fencing the individual pickets are usually cedar. They can be stained or left to weather to a nice shade of gray.

Split Rail Cedar

As the name implies split-rail cedar fencing is always cedar. This type of fence comes in a two rail or three rail design. The posts for a 2-rail fence are 5' 6" tall while the posts for a 3-rail fence are 6' 6" tall. The rails are available in 8 and 10 lengths although we stock only 10'. Wire can be added to the fence to keep pets in or out. Welded wire or field fence is commonly used.

If you are interested in installing your own wood fence you might want to check out our Online Store. There you will find information about the parts that make up the fence. There is also a material calculator you can use to get your parts list together. If you would rather have us install the fence then call us at 406-755-7650 or use the contact form. Our estimates are always free.

Home » Products » Wood-fence
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