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Gate with automatic opener. An automatic gate is a great addition to any fence. With an automatic gate you can increase both the security and convenience of accessing your property. We sell and install high quality gate systems. Our gate components come only from trusted vendors. Be sure to look at our Fence Gallery to see all of the different types of auto gates that we install.

Almost any type of gate can be equipped with an automatic operator. Cantilever gates will open parallel with the fence line. Swing gates require a little more room in which to operate. When snow is an issue a pivot gate is often the best choice. The only type of gate that does not work well with an opener is a roll gate.

Safety is always an issue with a gate that can open and close automatically. All of our gate systems include a safety loop and seeing eye. This ensures that the gate will not come down on you or your vehicle accidentally. A built in loop detector opens the gate automatically whenever someone is leaving. And, emergency vehicles have the technology to open the gate at any time if required.

For convenience an automatic gate can be opened with the push of a button. Additional security can be obtained by using a key-pad or by having access controlled from within a separate structure. A speaker system and/or camera will allow you to know who wants to access your property before you open the gate.

Home » Products » Automatic-gates
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